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Investment Services

We focus on investing in retail and industrial properties. Partnership is at the core of our investment strategy, and we actively involve our investors, fostering a sense of pride in every transaction. As the managing partner, Ironvest demonstrates our commitment by investing a significant percentage in each deal.

Collaborating with our investors and strategic partners, we acquire and develop commercial real estate with the goal of maximizing returns and enhancing the cities we invest in as vibrant places to work and play.

At Ironvest, we recognize the significance of staying attuned to the real estate cycle. Our track record highlights the benefits of acting swiftly in response to the ever-changing market. If you’re interested in investing alongside Ironvest Partners, please reach out to us for more information on our investment strategy and upcoming opportunities.


  • The Steiner Building
    Purchase of a 4-story 22,000 SF historic office building
  • Grants Mill Station
    Purchase of a 228,000 SF neighborhood retail shopping center
  • 2800 Messer Airport Hwy
    Purchase of a 126,000 SF industrial space including 5 individual warehouses
  • Crestwood Village
    Purchase of a 36,000 SF fully leased neighborhood shopping center
  • The City Paper Building
    Purchase of a 31,000 SF office and warehouse space
  • 112 24th Street North
    Redevelopment of an almost not restorable 7,500 SF historic structure, which is now a fully leased mixed use building
  • 2320 1st Ave North
    Redevelopment of a dilapidated and vacant 5,000 SF historic structure now fully leased
  • 113 45th Place North
    Purchase of a 28,500 SF industrial warehouse
  • 1905 Park Place
    Purchase of a 4,600 SF retail building in downtown Birmingham