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Linn Park Revival

Charles Linn Park was established to be a grand, central park.  Purchased in 1883 for $10, the park is one of three original city parks the Elyton Land Company planned for the city of Birmingham.  With its central location and elevated perch, the park became the perfect central square for development on every side.  Today, […]

“How You Livin’?”

I wanted to share this 10 minute inspirational video below with you because it has had a positive impact on my life and I think it can resonate with all of us. The central question is simple but profound, “How you livin’?” If the question is honestly answered, reflected upon, and taken into action, the […]

A Parking Solution for the City of Birmingham

Here, in the urban core of Birmingham, AL we are blessed with wide multi-lane streets and avenues. This is a byproduct of the steel industry. When our city’s founding fathers created our city, they made sure that our infrastructure was large enough to handle many large trucks maneuvering throughout the city. Today, our great city […]

Second Quarter Newsletter

Q2 TransactionsThe 2nd quarter was our first full quarter in business and it was a busy one for IVP. We completed 11 transactions for a gross transaction value of $5,392,000. We were involved in retail, office, and industrial deals throughout the city of Birmingham. See the details below. Three Market TrendsOver the last 6 months […]

Residential Condos- Birmingham’s Hottest Real Estate Sector

Ironvest Partners is a commercial real estate firm so, why is the residential condo market an important topic for us to discuss? First, more residents bring an additional demand for businesses like pharmacies, restaurants, venues, etc. to our city. This, of course, affects the commercial real estate market and creates a need for more space. Secondly, […]

What a Difference 10 Years Makes

The year 2008 has been described as the Great Recession and the Financial Crisis. This was a time when our neighbors lost their jobs, friends lost their businesses, and our community faltered. It certainly was a year to forget. Looking back through the press clippings, it’s apparent we went through a real horror show. These […]